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Filing cabinet
Business Services, Document Storage

Physical Document Storage

The digital age is well and truly here. With the price of computer hardware (and software) spiralling downwards, it makes sense for most corporations to go completely “paperless” when it comes to disseminating documents across the globe. Unfortunately, due to various legal obligations, companies cannot go completely digital. Some documents […]

Mathematics, Tutoring

Online Maths Tutoring

Mathematics has always been a trying subject. It pushes a lot of students to insanity due to its degree of difficulty and complexity. Luckily for students that are challenged by geometry, trigonometry or algebra, there are a myriad of online tutoring services out there. Of course there is still the […]

Parenting, WiFi

Parenting via WiFi

If you think technology has no place in parenting, then I bet you’ll rethink after reading this article. Technology has become the mainstream vehicle for communication, entertainment, education and workflow these days that it’s becoming more difficult to deny our children access to it. It’s easy to keep technology away […]