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Sony Ericsson W705a and PC Suite Synchronization Problem

I’ve just recently acquired a Sony Ericsson W705a. Very nice phone, looks and feels good, with a premium feel. Nice navigation icons, and loaded with features. The phone came with a PC suite/PC Media Manager CD. Well, I installed the Sony Ericsson PC Suite software and found the whole process easy and the software itself was very easy to use. Youre able synch your phone’s contact list with your PC’s, backup and restore phone contents, view/edit contacts, etc.

Within the suite, under applications, you’re also able to update your phones firmware using the Sony Ericsson Update Service.

So I did.

This was when I started getting synchronisation problems. I couldn’t access the contacts on my phone anymore through the suite. I couldn’t synch my phone and computer, which kept failing with some error code I couldn’t remember.

I tried to fix the problem by updating the PC Suite, through the Help -> Search for updates option. The software advised that my version was the latest (Version 5.007.01). I tried unintalling/re-installing the suite, installing the suite to another machine (this method actually failed to recognize my phone altogether), to no avail.

Sony Ericsson PC Suite Update

Fortunately for you, the fix is quite simple:

  1.  Uninstall Sony Ericsson PC Suite on your computer.
  2. Go to and download the latest version of the PC Suite manually (at the time of writing this article, Version 6.009.00).
  3. Install the downloaded software.

That’s it. Too easy!