Product Review Smart TV Upgrade Box

Smart TV Upgrade Box Review

If you’re looking for a decent smart TV box out there at the moment, don’t bother. The best smart TV box at this present time is a computer or a notebook with HDMI output. With various players fighting over pole position to release the best smart TV extension for your TV, every single one fails miserably. There are no standards; therefore, not all video formats are supported. As easy as streaming internet content is on your computer, there’s no effective way to do it through a smart TV upgrade box. Those cut down browsers that come standard in most hardware are an insult.
Every single smart TV upgrade box that I looked at to this day has shortcomings on one feature or another. At the moment, at least, online content is best viewed on a computer.

Notebook with HDMI output and a cheap Bluetooth Controller
Notebook with HDMI output and a cheap Bluetooth Controller
In my opinion, get yourself a cheap laptop with HDMI output and Bluetooth support. Equip yourself with a cheap Bluetooth remote control, and you won’t be disappointed. Until smart TV big players come together and come up with a standard, then I’m sticking with my notebook and my Bluetooth remote. It does the trick just fine.