How to Track SEO Campaign Effectively

Tracking a SEO campaign can be a very challenging task. One way to monitor your progress is to determine your website’s position on Google for a given search term. There are hundreds of free services that allow you to determine this but most aren’t very reliable. There is a paid service that allows you not only to determine your Google  position rank effectively, but also save all your queries against your profile, giving you the intelligence to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

The Google Position Checker gives you a real time indication of where your website is placed in the Google search engine results pages. Every single query is also saved against your profile so you can effectively track your campaign for a given keyword. If you’re new to the website, you will be given 25 free Save Credits just for signing up so you can trial the service. If you run out of credits, it only costs US$5 for 500 Save Credits. Every Save Credit entitles you to one successful query and the result is saved against your profile.

Track Progress of Each Website

Track website progress

Capture Each Individual Query and Result

View individual query

Monitor Search Term Position Trend in Google via Chart

Trend chart

Automate Your Campaign Tracking

Automate campaign tracking

You can automatically track your campaign by specifying the number of days you want to re-run the query for.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to start your trial today.

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SEO and Quality Backlinks

Internet TrafficIt is almost impossible to generate regular traffic to your website without backlinks pointing to your site. Quality web backlinks play a vital part when it comes to optimizing your website, which directly impacts its SERPs position and Page Rank. Better SERPs position and a better Page Rank, means more traffic for your website!

The reason behind the importance of web backlinks is because Search Engine spiders primarily examine website backlinks when determining a site’s significance. In a nutshell, a site’s popularity is predominantly based on the number of quality links dispersed all over the internet pointing back to the site. The more “good friends” your website has, the more popular it will be, and it will be more inclined to attract and make more good friends.

The term “quality backlinks” simply means that website containing the link back to your site has rich meaningful textual content that is relevant to the nature of your site. So it’s a good idea to be selective when deciding which site or service to approach to provide the backlink for you.

The most successful means of acquiring backlinks pointing back to your website is through link trading. This is the method of exchanging your link for someone else’s. Effectively, your link partner will agree to create a link to your website, if you agree to create a link to his website.

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Web Backlinks Dynamic News Content Service

If you’re tired of constantly updating your website with quality content, why not try our free news content service that will serve up quality news content on your website automatically. All you have to do is include a small piece of code to your web page and we will look after the rest. News feeds are updated daily, so there is no need to modify your code once set up.

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