Configuring NetComm NB9WMAXX VoIP With Internode

The following outlines the best configuration for the NetComm NB9WMAXX Modem with an Internode VoIP account:

Interface name: ppp_8_35_1
Local selection: AUS – Australia (Set to your country)

Preferred codec:  G729
Preferred ptime:  20

Use SIP Proxy: Checked
SIP Proxy: [Your service provider SIP]
SIP Proxy port: 5060
Register Expire Time: 300
SIP domain name: [Your service provider SIP]

Use SIP Outbound Proxy: Unchecked

Enable SIP tag matching (Uncheck for Vonage Interop): checked
Remote server for SIP log messages: unchecked

DispName: [Your VoIP Phone Number]
VoIP Phone Number: [Your VoIP Phone Number]
Auth. ID: [Your VoIP Phone Number]
Auth. Password: [Your VoIP Password]

PSTN route rule: Fixed
PSTN route data: Phone 1
Emergengy calls: Landline
Number: 1. 000 (set to your local emergency number) 2. [Blank]

Max Digits: 24

RFC2833 Outband DTMF: Auto Negotiation

[Leave the rest as the default]

Please Note: I found out through my own various systematic testing that NetComm NB9WMAXX is not compatible Internode VoIP and vice versa. I tinkered with every possible configuration available on the NetComm NB9WMAXX to no avail. I even went as far as Telnet-ing to the modem and turning off the firewall but still experienced problems. I ended up signing up with MyNetFone and all my problems disappeared! For more details about my ordeal, read my next post NetComm NB9WMAXX Drops Out When Using IVR (or when dialled number is forwarded).