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Foxtel Play Review

Foxtel Play
Dear Foxtel,

I signed up for your 2 week FREE trial for new customers 10 days ago. I deactivated it 4 days before my trial finished, and you asked why, so here it is.

Man, where do I start…

  1. It’s expensive. It’s the same price as Foxtel IQ. Why? Foxtel Play streams over my internet connection and there’s no setup. Why do you insist on still charging a premium price?
  2. It’s locked down. In an era where services just work across any platform, Foxtel GO, went to great lengths to debilitate sharing. Why won’t you allow me to stream content from my mobile to my TV via Google Chromecast?
  3. Standard Definition. Really? I got an NBN connection. Stream your content in HD please.
  4. The Windows application is flaky. Not intuitive at all, e.g. can’t control it with my keyboard, can’t scroll right when viewing the TV guide, etc., etc.
  5. Content constantly drops out… so very annoying.
  6. Why is sport still not a genre pick? It’s the only thing going for Foxtel, the Sports Channels. Why can’t I get the Sports package straight up, with nothing else?

Anyway, Goodbye.

Sincerely Yours,
An Ex-Customer