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Labour King Review

After being made redundant from a position I held for 14 years, I sank my teeth into every opportunity that came my way. From disability support worker, cleaner, electrician assistant, plumbing labourer to website and software development, I’ve been exposed to a wide spectrum of work in the last 6 months. This experience helped me develop more appreciation for any type of paid work that people do. The simple lesson I learnt was, what looks easy, is usually not, to the untrained.

One of the opportunities that I engaged in was to work for a company called Labour King. I have never heard of this company prior to this and the recruitment process was very sketchy at best. I was instructed by some random to send all my correspondence via SMS (bank details, white card, driver’s licence, super details etc.) which I did hesitantly. Nevertheless, I landed the gig and went to work.

I was one of two labourers hired by Labour King that helped shift 35 tonnes of sand. Sand were packaged in 1 tonne bags, and we had to shovel the sand into formworks that transformed into these sculptures.

10.5 hours of very hard physical work later. I was instructed, via SMS, to log my time on an online CRM. Pretty painless to navigate so I was quite pleased.

This happened over 1 month ago… and I still haven’t been paid. I probably called Labour King over 5 times to enquire about when I can expect to get paid, to which they modestly replied that they process pay every Friday, and for me to wait. The other 10 times I called just dropped out after being redirected by the receptionist.

My review of Labour King is quite simple. I will never work for Labour King ever again. If you got presented with the opportunity to work for Labour King, do yourself a favour and decline politely.

I am still patiently waiting to get paid.