Technology Expert with Zero Financial Knowledge

$Money, $money, $money!

I consider myself a technology specialist. When it comes to gadgets, I go the extra mile to find out how components work together. Technology, hardware, software, programming syntax, servers, computers, etc., all make sense to me. The concept resonates very well with my inner being, which allows me to continuously develop as a technology expert.

Technology to me is like finance to Matt Sapaula. I know the basics of finance, simple arithmetic right? I need to make more money to cover my expenses. Simple enough concept, but in the real world, the rules change a lot.

Like me, a lot of us take care of our finances on a day to day basis. This is all well and good if we can sustain regular income week in, week out. Unfortunately, we’re not bulletproof. When we go down, sometimes our income goes down as well, depending on our circumstances. This concerned me a lot so I started Google’ing ways on how to “stretch” my money. Google’s organic search results introduced me to Matt Sapaula. This man is definitely a money smart guy. His blogs opened my eyes to vulnerabilities relating to how I manage my finances.

Unfortunately for me, Matt’s in the US while I’m in Australia. If I want face to face financial advise, it’s going to have to be someone local, but as a starting point, his blogs are certainly worth reading.