DivX DVR-MS MPG Software Video Conversion

MPG to DivX Conversion

I searched high and low for the most effective, FREE, MPG to DivX video conversion method and by far MCEBuddy is the best software to do the job. MCEBuddy is actually advertised to convert Microsoft Media Center recorded media, DVR-MS. I found out that it actually also works for converting bulky MPG files also.

To convert MPG to DivX effectively, just follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Go to, and follow the instruction to install MCEBuddy.
  2. Once installed, open MCEBuddy, tick “File Selection” and enter either *.mpg (to convert only MPG files) or *.* (to convert any format to AVI).

MCEBuddy Advanced Options

That’s it! Easy and it’s 100% free!