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If You’re Turning, Then Please Indicate

We don’t all possess superpowers. In fact, like me, a lot of us cannot read minds. There’s this great gadget invented which is installed on all vehicles called the signal light. The idea is if you intend to make a left or right turn, you flick this little lever near your steering wheel to the direction where you expect to turn into. This action will activate the signal light on the outside of¬†your vehicle, on the left or right side, depending on which direction you flicked the lever. These set of actions effectively communicates where the driver intends to go, well before he/she gets there. This is necessary¬†so that everyone else around him/her can negotiate their manoeuvres effectively, all in the effort of preventing an accident.

I want to focus the attention to a specific scenario – The dreaded roundabout. I don’t know about you but I think that there’s an unwritten rule that you have to go through a roundabout as fast as possible and signalling is optional. Throw in pedestrians and bicycle riders in the mix and the result could be catastrophic.

Every driver on the road has a responsibility. A responsibility to be up to date with their knowledge of the road rules, to obey these rules, be considerate when driving and to drive safely at all times. I think a lot of us forget how dangerous it is to be on or near the roads.

Please always remember.

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I think that many roundabouts are built wrong…. Here’s what I mean.
A roundabout is a traffic control device intended to enhance safety and efficiency at intersections where installed. However, some roundabouts are so designed that quick entry is facilitated, while exits are slowed. This is done by aligning the entry and exit roads so that on entry, the road alignment guides you past the centre island, while the exit road has turns which cause you to slow down to safely exit.
What??? surely roundabout access roads should be designed to slow vehicles entering, while speeding up vehicle exits. This way, roundabouts would empty faster than they fill, congestion would therefore be reduced, and safety would be enhanced.
Who are the idiots who are getting the design so wrong, and why haven’t they been sacked?

I agree, something needs to be done to enhance safety. The current roundabout design is definitely flawed. I guess in situations like this, driver awareness becomes even more important.


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