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Oracle ApEx Request That Will Submit Requested Page Though Link

There is a very useful Oracle ApEx REQUEST constant called BRANCH_TO_PAGE_ACCEPT. If included in a URL, the request will process the page as if it was submitted. Now think about this for a minute because this is a useful tool that can enhance your application dramatically. I will provide an example to make my point. Traditionally clicking on a URL in ApEx will simply load the page requested. Loading a page means that the “After Submit Processes” region in ApEx will never be triggered. As a consequence most programmers will plug their process in in “Before Header” or “After Header” point in their page process restricted via some execution condition. This is highly inefficient because it means that the process will be evaluated every time the page is accessed.

To improve this process, add a BRANCH_TO_PAGE_ACCEPT Request in your Column Link. This modification will submit the page requested which will then allow you to place the process in the “After Submit” region. Execution of the block will be more targetted making you application more efficient.
The request looks something like this:


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This is AWESOME! If only I could get it to work…

I am using APEX 3.2, is this available only in 4+? If not, how do I use it and/or where do I find Column Link if I do not have a report?

I am sending data from Oracle via a URL to an HTML region in APEX, that’s all, and I want the URL to update the Oracle DB APEX is tied to thru APEX and then redirect to another page from which actions can be performed, such as the linking of the newly-created record to already-existing records in other tables. Thank you!

If you’re building the link manually, simply place BRANCH_TO_PAGE_ACCEPT into the Request section of the URL. The syntax for ApEx URL is f?p=App:Page:Session:Request:Debug:ClearCache:itemNames:itemValues:PrinterFriendly, so for example if your link posts to application 123 and page 23, it will look similar to:

<a href=”f?p=123:23:2327944251981209:BRANCH_TO_PAGE_ACCEPT:::P23_PAGE_VAR:12345:” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor text</a>


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