ApEx, Oracle, PL/SQL

Getting Session Environment Parameters in Oracle

To display all environment variable values for a given oracle session, run the following code: begin FOR i IN 1..owa.num_cgi_vars LOOP htp.p(owa.cgi_var_name(i)||’ : ‘||owa.cgi_var_val(i)); END LOOP; end; The name of the environment variable and value will be displayed. To reference each variable individually use the following syntax: OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env(VARIABLE_NAME) eg. OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env(‘REQUEST_PROTOCOL’) […]

ApEx, Oracle, PL/SQL

Improving Performance of Your Oracle Application Express Software

I am writing this article with the thread in mind. We have a very large workflow application written in Oracle Application Express, supporting some 3000+ users. This application was written with care, for obvious reasons. Well for one, it’s written in Application Express, a rapid development tool which is […]

Oracle, PL/SQL

HTTP Post from Oracle PL/SQL

I recently needed to execute a HTTP post from an ApEx application to another web page running as some sort of a service. For added security the web page service only accepted POST requests and one of the parameters passed is a secret password (not encrypted but secure enough for […]