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How to Create Page Zero in Oracle Application Express 4.1

Page zero is a useful page in Oracle ApEx that gets executed for every page request in your application. It can be utilized if theres a certain component or function (eg. computation, validation, region, etc.) in your application that is common to all your pages.

To create page 0, do the following:

  • Login to Application Express
Login to Oracle Application Express
Login to Oracle Application Express
  • Click on “Application Builder”
  • Click on the application you want to modify
  • Click the “Create Page >” button
Create Page
Create Page
  • Select “Page Zero” as the page type
Create Page Zero
Create Page Zero
  • Click Finish


  1. what the purpose of the page 0,is it any special use? any mandatory ?

  2. Page zero functions as a master page where all components you add to page zero will be rendered on every page within your application. It is not mandatory.

  3. Thanks…small but very useful. Thanks once again.

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